Who would win in a battle

November 13, 2011

Wolverine vs Honey Badger

Hello viewers I have recently simulated what I had thought to be the best matchup I could find the Wolverine and the Honey Badger.  I must say it was a close battle  and I will run it through with you guys now.  I grabbed as much data possible when I got these two together because I knew it was gonna be a good matchup, past matchups that they have had in nature, physical characteristics, and behavior was mainly what I wanted to get my hands on in order to make this matchup as realistic as possible.  So lets get to the combatants, I grabbed a lot of data so you can expect that I won't be sharing all of it with you just the main decisive stuff.

  • Stocky/Muscular Build
  • Short legs
  • 26-42 inches long
  • 20-55 lbs
  • Thick Oiley Fur
  • Powerful and Versitle
  • Attacks animals over 18.5 times it's own size including black bears
  • Releases powerful scent from musk glands
  • Slow Reflexes
  • Bad Eyesight
  • Clumsy
  • Runs 16 MPH
  • Has 38 sharp teeth
  • Aggresive when cornered
-Has a size and strength advantage over the Honey Badger, has a stronger bite than the Honey Badger

Honey Badger:

  • 27-29.5 inches long
  • 26-35 pounds
  • Stupid
  • 40 mm long claws
  • Short needle like teeth
  • Releases strong scent from musk glands
  • Wirey Coat
  • Very Quick
  • Very agile
  • Extremely Agressive
  • Relentless in combat
-Much quicker and more agile than the slow reflexed wolverine, however it is a very dumb animal so it may be unpredictable what it does during the battle.

Here is how the battle happened...
The scenario starts with a wolverine feeding off of a wolf's kill, the honey badger approaches the kill wanting to get some food, the wolverine's growl backs up the honey badger and forces him let off a musk scent and to circle around the the wolverine, the wolverine turning with it barely able to keep up gives the honey badger enough confidence to think it could strike... it was wrong it missed and the wolverine was able to take advantage.  It latched onto one of the legs of the honey badger with it's powerful jaws and didn't let go until it broke the honey badger's leg, the wolverine then goes back to the wolf's kill for food but sees the honey badger coming back so the wolverine runs at it's full sprint and pounces on the honey badger and rips it's face to shreds ending the honey badger.

I ran the simulation several more times and the only way the honey badger could really win is if it could get behind the wolverine and hurt it's legs thus making it possible to strike the face of the wolverine because of the lack of support to hold itself up.

All in all a good matchup that the wolverine ended up winning 59 out of 100 times, and one more thing before I publish this I know I said that I would let the comments decide the matchups after this one but I'm gonna do one more that isn't based on the comments because my dad shot a really good matchup at me that I will not reveal until I get the research and data then sim the matchup.

So until next time my friends this is Tyler signing off have a good night (or afternoon or day depending on when you're reading this).


  1. "however it is a very dumb animal so it may be unpredictable what it does during the battle."

    Honey Badgers are not actually dumb animals. They are one of a few species known to be capable of using tools. They are actually intelligent creatures.

    1. Makes lots of sense. They have, after all, survived beautifully. Evolution does not favor dumb species.

  2. that was a rip off u just wanted the wolverine to win next time show a video to prove it tyler u r a mean person to badgers

  3. How bought do a match up of dingo vs coyote

  4. whoa all of you i know badgers are good animals but dont criticise the guy i mean if you looked this up and nothing was there youd probably be bummed so give him redit for his work he probably had to do a lot of research for his problem so just give him some helpful hints and give him some credit i mean at least he tried the more things you could do would be helping him get better and good job tyler

  5. I'm not so sure, sure they are both evenly matched but the honey badger is tough, its used to fighting multiple large opponents at a time. Though honestly a wolverine probably is too. But the biggest advantage a honey badger has is its loose skin and its tireless energy, those things would allow it to win the day more often.